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Anonymous asked:
So you know kimye personally?

Where did you get that idea from???
No but I wouldn’t mind

midnightmoo asked:
Do u have pics of kimye when they were just friends

here are some 

does this happen to anyone?

All you can think about is this one person all day and all night. Think about being with them, touching them. Thinking up romantic things to do with that person, so romantic that it is kind of cheesy, but you can’t help it. Listening to music, and wishing that person was next to you, in your arms. Like you almost love that person. But once you’re in their presence and hanging out, all those feeling just dissapear. You just act normal, like real friends do. You don’t even think about that person in a romantic way. Just another one of your friends. Nothing special. But when you’re alone again, that one person is all you can thinks about once again. Just closing your eyes and seeing her face, her body, and wishing she was yours. I’ve been feeling this way for the past month or so, and can’t figure out what I want. 

Anonymous asked:
How long know they each other? And when they started Dating? :D

They have known each other for 9+ years, started dating in April of 2012.


Footage from the Kanye West Wheelchair controversy that the media is going around saying that he is forcing cripples to stand in his shows….

As you can see here it is complete bullshit…and the media is trying to control you just like what Kanye has been trying to tell everyone over the last year.

Please spread this video around tumblr. Lets give Kanye a good name.

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